12 Disc CD DVD Bluray Carry Case With Built In Speaker
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12 Disc CD DVD Bluray Carry Case With Built In Speaker
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The TDK OutLoud CD Wallet is an absolute must have accessory for anyone who owns a personal stereo and uses it whilst out and about.

Not only does this wallet hold your personal stereo and 12 of your favorite CD's it also has a concealed NXT flat panel speaker so that you can enjoy your music on the move!

Made from rubber like material to help guard from water, sand and knocks you'll never have to take up space in your luggage with cumbersome speakers again!

This mono version has one speaker and is powered by 2x AA batteries.

What is NXT? NXT's revolutionary SurfaceSound technology is at the heart of the TDK multimedia speaker systems' exceptional sonic performance. Unlike conventional speaker designs, SurfaceSound technology yields complex vibration modes over the entire panel surface, producing full frequency response from 60 Hz to 20 kHz from a single driver for remarkably pure, coherent and uncolored sound quality. In addition, the panel's wider dispersion pattern fills the listening area with an expansive soundfield, eliminating the "beaming" of conventional multimedia speakers and creating a wider sonic "sweet spot."

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