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- 1 x 45 CM Red SATA-2 Data Cable with 2 x Locking Ends
- Straight End Connections


This cable connects data and power to SATA Slimline Optical Drives. Designed for Slimline SATA DVD, Blu-Ray drives and compatible 1.8” SATA or SSD hard drives. Converts standard motherboard 7-pin SATA (data) and 4-pin PSU Molex (+5V supply) to single block Mini SATA. 20cm long for easy routing in Mini-ITX cases.


SATA revision 3 doubles the speed of the current 3GB/s version reaching transfer speeds of 6GB/s. The speed ratings of the different versions of Serial ATA are;

SATA Revision 1 - 1.5GB/s
SATA Revision 2 - 3GB/s
SATA Revision 3 - 6GB/s

The different versions of SATA are backwards compatible


  • 4 Pin Male to 4 Pin Female
  • Approx: 35cm
  • 12v + ground

  • Provides an economical way to upgrade a system without having to replace an older power supply
  • Connector A 1 - ATX 12V P4 Power (4 pin; v 2.x) Female
  • Connector A 1 - LP4 (4 pin; Molex Large Drive Power) Male
  • Connector B 1 - ATX 12V EPS Power (8 pin) Male
  • Cable Length 5.98 in [152 mm]

The Express Power Extension Cable extends the reach of your ATX12V power supply PCIe power connector BY 30cm, making it easier to power your PCI Express based video card without having to stretch or add strain to the PCI Express power connector from the power supply. 
Extend your cable length from your Power Supply to your PCI Express graphics cardReduces strain and eliminates stress on the PCIe video card power supply connection 
Connector A 1 - PCI Express Power (8 pin) FemaleConnector B 1 - PCI Express Power (8 pin) Male

For easy connection of storage device or optical drive to IDE/SATA motherboard
Bi-directional SATA to IDE interface
Simple slide selection; select Device for SATA-IDE and Host for IDE-SATA
ATA 133, SATA 1.0 specification 1.5Gbps data rate
Supports SATA hot-plug

USB 2.0 to USB 3.0 Cable;Connector Type : USB 2.0 9 Pin Female to USB 3.0 20 Pin Male