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These CAT5 cable conectors are used on the ends of network cables to plug into an ethernet port on a pc, router or othet network device to form a network connection. These connectors can be used to replace any faulty cable connections you have, or to create a network cable connection for a lead you have wired yourself.
£4.50 FOR 50
£7.20 FOR 100

High Performance modular plugs designed to meet Cat 6 requirements. The plugs consist of a Polycarbonate body with 50u Gold Plated phosphor bronze contacts and are designed to accept solid or stranded cables. The plugs have a cable to tensile strength of 7.70kgs and are RoHS compliant ensuring the materials used are of the highest quality in the EU. Note, this is the two piece version, for easier Cat 6 Assembly´╗┐


CAT5E CROSSOVER ADAPTOR. Crossover adapter with RJ45 plug to RJ45 socket. ´╗┐


These are used in pairs and allow two computers to share one connection point simultaneously. One economiser is utilised at the wallplate and another at the patch panel

Send Ethernet data down a cable run of 4 pair twisted cable - the economiser combines/divides the data into 2x 2 pair twisted signals Use in pairs at each end of a cable run


Portable network cable tester that will show correct, miswired, shorts or disconnects on RJ45 UTP and STP patch leads. Incorporates a main and separate remote unit enabling easy use also for installed cable lengths. Requires PP3 battery in main unit. Supplied with zip up storage case.


The Gigabit USB 3.0 Ethernet adapter converts a USB port into a 10/100/1000 Base-T Ethernet port. It enables low cost and affordable Gigabit Ethernet network connection to any PC, laptop or embedded system by using your existing USB ports