Jet Tec EPSON T0714 T0894 E71y
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T0714 T0894 E71y
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13ml Of Ink - Compare this with an Epson cartridge containing 7.4ml.

Jet Tec is a Winner of both the Queen's Award for Export, and the Queen's
Award for Enterprise: Innovation.

All components and ink are produced in the UK based factory. The high quality Jet Tec ink results in exceptional print quality on all types of media. Jet Tec is an ISO9001 registered company and all inkjets are covered by a 100% quality guarantee.

Compatible with the following printers:

  • Epson B40W
  • Epson BX300F
  • Epson BX310
  • Epson BX600FW
  • Epson BX610FW
  • Epson S20
  • Epson S21
  • Epson Stylus D120
  • Epson Stylus D78
  • Epson Stylus D92
  • Epson Stylus DX4000
  • Epson Stylus DX4050
  • Epson Stylus DX4400
  • Epson Stylus DX4450
  • Epson Stylus DX5000
  • Epson Stylus DX5050
  • Epson Stylus DX6000
  • Epson Stylus DX6050
  • Epson Stylus DX7000F
  • Epson Stylus DX7400
  • Epson Stylus DX7450
  • Epson Stylus DX8400
  • Epson Stylus DX8450
  • Epson Stylus DX9400F
  • Epson SX100
  • Epson SX105
  • Epson SX110
  • Epson SX115
  • Epson SX200
  • Epson SX205
  • Epson SX210
  • Epson SX215
  • Epson SX218
  • Epson SX400
  • Epson SX405
  • Epson SX410
  • Epson SX410
  • Epson SX415
  • Epson SX510W
  • Epson SX515W
  • Epson SX600FW
  • Epson SX610FW
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