Jet Tec Hewlett Packard HP348 H348 (C9369EE)
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HP348 H348 (C9369EE)
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21ml Of Ink - Compare this with an HP cartridge containing 13ml.

Jet Tec is a Winner of both the Queen's Award for Export, and the Queen's
Award for Enterprise: Innovation.

All components and ink are produced in the UK based factory. The high quality Jet Tec ink results in exceptional print quality on all types of media. Jet Tec is an ISO9001 registered company and all inkjets are covered by a 100% quality guarantee.


Jet Tec H348 Re-Manufactured Photo Tri-Colour Cartridge (3 x 7ml) designed for use with the following Hewlett Packard printers:-

HP Deskjet 460c
HP Deskjet 460cb
HP Deskjet 460wbt
HP Deskjet 5420
HP Deskjet 5432
HP Deskjet 5440
HP Deskjet 5442
HP Deskjet 5443
HP Deskjet 5740
HP Deskjet 5743
HP Deskjet 5745
HP Deskjet 5748
HP Deskjet 5940
HP Deskjet 6520
HP Deskjet 6540
HP Deskjet 6540d
HP Deskjet 6543
HP Deskjet 6548
HP Deskjet 6620
HP Deskjet 6830V
HP Deskjet 6840
HP Deskjet 6843
HP Deskjet 6848
HP Deskjet 6940
HP Deskjet 6980
HP Deskjet 9800 Series
HP Deskjet 9800d
HP Deskjet D4145
HP Deskjet D4155
HP Deskjet D4160
HP Deskjet D4163
HP Deskjet D4168
HP Deskjet D4260
HP Officejet 6200
HP Officejet 6205
HP Officejet 6210
HP Officejet 6213
HP Officejet 6215
HP Officejet 6310
HP Officejet 6313
HP Officejet 6315
HP Officejet 7210
HP Officejet 7213
HP Officejet 7310
HP Officejet 7310xi
HP Officejet 7313
HP Officejet 7410
HP Officejet 7413
HP Officejet H470 Mobile Printer
HP Officejet J5780
HP Officejet J5785
HP Officejet J5790
HP Officejet J6410
HP Officejet J6415
HP Officejet J6450
HP Officejet J6480
HP Officejet Pro K7100 series
HP Officejet Pro K7103
HP Officejet Pro K7108
HP Photosmart 2570
HP Photosmart 2573
HP Photosmart 2575
HP Photosmart 2575v/xi
HP Photosmart 2610
HP Photosmart 2610v/xi
HP Photosmart 2613
HP Photosmart 2710
HP Photosmart 2713
HP Photosmart 7850
HP Photosmart 8050
HP Photosmart 8150
HP Photosmart 8450
HP Photosmart 8450gp
HP Photosmart 8453
HP Photosmart 8750
HP Photosmart 8750gp
HP Photosmart C3170
HP Photosmart C4160
HP Photosmart C4272
HP Photosmart C4280
HP Photosmart C4380
HP Photosmart C4480
HP Photosmart C5280
HP photosmart D5160
HP Photosmart D5360
HP photosmart Pro B8350
HP PSC 1507
HP PSC 1510
HP PSC 1510s
HP PSC 1513
HP PSC 1600
HP PSC 1610
HP PSC 1613
HP PSC 2350
HP PSC 2353
HP PSC 2355
HP PSC 2355p
HP PSC 2358

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