Jet Tec Hewlett Packard HP58 H58 (C6658AE)
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HP58 H58 (C6658AE)
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24ml Of Ink - Compare this with an HP cartridge containing 17ml.

 Jet Tec is a Winner of both the Queen's Award for Export, and the Queen's
Award for Enterprise: Innovation.

 All components and ink are produced in the UK based factory. The high quality Jet Tec ink results in exceptional print quality on all types of media. Jet Tec is an ISO9001 registered company and all inkjets are covered by a 100% quality guarantee.


Jet Tec H58 Re-Manufactured Tri-Colour Cartridge (3 x 8ml) designed for use with the following Hewlett Packard printers:-

HP Deskjet 3620v
HP Deskjet 3645
HP Deskjet 3647
HP Deskjet 3650
HP Deskjet 3650v
HP Deskjet 3840
HP Deskjet 3845
HP Deskjet 450cbi
HP Deskjet 450ci
HP Deskjet 450wbt
HP Deskjet 5145
HP Deskjet 5150
HP Deskjet 5150c
HP Deskjet 5151
HP Deskjet 5160
HP Deskjet 5550
HP Deskjet 5551
HP Deskjet 5552
HP Deskjet 5650
HP Deskjet 5652
HP Deskjet 5655
HP Deskjet 5850
HP Deskjet 9600
HP Deskjet 9650
HP Deskjet 9670
HP Deskjet 9680
HP Digital Copier 410
HP Officejet 4200
HP Officejet 4211
HP Officejet 4212
HP Officejet 4215
HP Officejet 4219
HP Officejet 4251
HP Officejet 4252
HP Officejet 4255
HP Officejet 4259
HP Officejet 5605
HP Officejet 5608
HP Officejet 5609
HP Officejet 5610
HP Officejet 5615
HP Officejet 6110
HP Officejet 6110v
HP Officejet 6110xi
HP Photosmart 7150
HP Photosmart 7260
HP Photosmart 7260v
HP Photosmart 7260w
HP Photosmart 7345
HP Photosmart 7350
HP Photosmart 7450
HP Photosmart 7459
HP Photosmart 7550
HP Photosmart 7655
HP Photosmart 7660
HP Photosmart 7660v
HP Photosmart 7660w
HP Photosmart 7755
HP Photosmart 7760
HP Photosmart 7760v
HP Photosmart 7760w
HP Photosmart 7762
HP Photosmart 7960
HP Photosmart 7960gp
HP PSC 1350
HP PSC 1350v
HP PSC 1350xi
HP PSC 2170

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