Verbatim DVD-R Lightscribe V1.2 10 PACK
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AZO recording layer.
Superior archiving life.
Read compatible with DVD-ROM and DVD-Video players.
Lifetime Warranty.

Users of older writers (8x or less speed) and videorecorders please check with your hardware manufacturer and update your firmware.

Capacity: 4.7GB
Speed: 16x
Pack Style: 10 Pack Spindle
Disc Surface: Lightscribe
Print area: 41mm from inner hub

Lightscribe direct disc labelling is using a disc to burn data onto, then flipping the disc over, in the same drive and creating a professional looking label that is laser etched onto the disc surface. Simple, just Burn, Flip, Burn with Lightscribe Direct Disc Labelling.

Lightscribe version 1.2 DVDs can now record at 16x speed and the print time has been reduced by 30%. A DVD disc surface can now be labelled in 21 minutes (reduced from 35 minutes).

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