Maxell DVD+R Printable x 50
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Maxell DVD+R Printable x 50
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Our customers love them because they give excellent quality at a price that's unbeatable.

These discs are full-face printable in any disc-compatible inkjet printer (including ones from Canon and Epson). It's easy to give your discs the professional touch!


DVD+R is a write-once format suitable for recording with DVD+R video recorder or DVD+R drive for PC, DVD+R compatible for up to 16X speed with a storage capacity of 4.7GB, and recording time up to 120 minutes in standard mode, Conforms to DVD Specifications for Recordable Discs (DVD+R), High-quality organic dye recording materials improve recording characteristics for recording and playback, DVD+R is compatible for playback with most DVD players and DVDROM drives and recorders that are + R compatible. 

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