Dynamode KMG9000-W 2.4Ghz Wireless Gaming Keyboard And Mouse Combo Set - Red Gaming Keys
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The ideal gaming duo - wireless keyboard & optical mouse
The new KMG9000-W is your ideal partner for a better gaming experience.
With the supplied 2.4 Ghz, installation free wireless nano adapter means you can now enjoy a wire-free enhanced multimedia and gaming keyboard.
And to help give you a complete all in one solution we have bundled a high quality, optical 3-button mouse with a curved sculpture for a more comfortable
fit, even after extended game play.
The complete package is not just ideal for gamers, but also general computer users too. Colour-coded keys as used by the majority of games and other key apps, extended internet and multimedia shortcuts, all bundled with a completely driverless wireless USB nano adapter which is compatible with almost all operating systems and hardware.

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