Card Readers

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This converter adapter can be used to connect USB sticks, SD cards, and other data-related products to your phone, tablet, iPad, laptop, Mac Book, and other devices.
3. It is a multi-port adapter that can be used with any device to view your data and transfer your data anytime, anywhere.
4. This compact product can be used anywhere with any device. This is an all-in-one adapter that you can use with anything. The USB port comes with USB version 3.0, so it can transfer your data quickly.
5. Negative port: USB port, SD port, SDXC port, flash drive port.
6. Male connector: USB Type-C 3.1.
7. Functions: Transfer files from memory card or USB drive to mobile phone, tablet computer, laptop, export files from mobile phone/tablet computer to memory card or USB flash drive. It also supports plug and play.

The USB 3.1 connection is becoming more and more common on laptops and mobile phones. Our card reader allows you to insert Micro SD / TF or SD cards as ... [see below for full description]

  • Stylish, simple and elegant style 
  • Light weight 
  • Cool LED display function
  • Support Micro SD, Mini SD, SD, SDHC, SDXC, Micro(M2), MS, MS DUO, MS PRO DUO
  • High-speed data transfer
  • Support Plug and Play and hot swap function