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Fast blow from 800ma to 5amp

Time delay from 315ma to 10amp

Bring your old fuse along if you're no sure which you need


M.2 NVMe SSD STANDOFF for most motherboards

Standoff and screw supplied
This is a Mounting Kit set with Stand Off and Screw for PC or Laptop Motherboard to Mount the M.2 SSD.
Item Type: Mounting Screws Kit 
Material: metal
Size: 7.5mm/0.2in(as shown)
Color: silver
Support: for ASUS-motherboard M.2 SSD series and others
1 kit supplied . 1 standoff and 1 screw
Item Type: Mounting Screw Kit 
Material: metal
Size: (as shown)
Color: silver
Support: for MSI-motherboard M.2 SSD series