Sample Repairs

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Arrived with USB socket ripped off the board. There were no tracks left to solder the new socket to.

With time, a microscope,0.2mm copper wire, Araldite, and a steady hand the job was a success


Dead HP Elite laptop.
Burnt component on motherboard removed and replaced
Track damage caused by component was repairable

After testing, the couple of components that were out of place were resoldered.
The board was utrasonically cleaned and refitted to the laptop


The socket was snapped off the board
The blue plastic had to be melted to reveal the pins to connect to.
All pins connected with copper wire
Data successfully recovered to a new drive


An Asus laptop arrived with the internal battery socket ripped off the board
The customer had tried to fix it

There were no points left on the board for us to solder to.
We connected copper wires to the socket, soldered the wires to points on the board that were previously connected to the missing pads
The socket was then secured with epoxy resin and left to dry for 24 hours

We dismantled this laptop and cleaned the totally blocked airways
Fresh thermal paste was applied to the processor


Acer motherboard i7-10th gen.
New board £629.00  so it's worth attempting the repair

Clean corroded areas and replace capacitors and resisitors that fell off.
Missing track was replaced with 0.01mm copper wire
The board then tried to fire up but still had a problem, diagnosed to be BQ25...
charging controller
Tested with Windows 10 on a stress test for 6 hours,
Board ultrasonically cleaned, placed in pure alcahol bath and dried in oven for 1 hour
Fitted back into laptop and tested again

On this model the onboard memory fails.
When it has been disabled the memory slot can be used
The repair entails board removal and micro soldering
4,8 or 16gb can then be fitted to the memory slot