18 inch Internal 5 Pin USB IDC Motherboard Header Cable M/F
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The USBINT5PINMF 18-inch internal USB IDC Motherboard Header Extension Cable, extends the reach of an existing 5-pin USB Motherboard Header Cable by 18 inches. The added length makes it easier to connect multi-function front panels or any device that relies on internal USB ports, directly to a motherboard or expansion card that features a USB IDC (Header) connection; this eliminates the need to stretch cables by ensuring the connection you need is within reach, which then removes strain on motherboard connections. Constructed of high quality materials and expertly constructed for durable performance, the 18in Internal IDC USB 5-pin Motherboard Header Cable is backed by StarTech.com's Lifetime Warranty. Extends your 5-pin USB IDC Motherboard Header Cable length by 18 inches. Reduces strain and eliminates stress on the Rear USB Expansion boards, or Front Panel USB Ports, as well Expansion Card and Motherboard port connections. Backed by StarTech.com lifetime warranty. For use in a computer case or server case. Extend the connection from a Rear USB Expansion board to the motherboard. Extend the connection from front panel USB ports to the motherboard or expansion card.

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