HGST Ultrastar 7K6000 2 TB 3.5inch Internal Hard Drive (Purchased in error Never to be repeated)
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5 year warranty

Performance   Drive Transfer Rate:  600 MBps (external)   Internal Data Rate:  202 MBps   Seek Time:  7.6 ms (average)   Average Latency:  4.16 ms   Spindle Speed:  7200 rpm

Corporate and cloud data centers are under extreme pressure to improve the efficiency of storage. To address this data center challenge, HGST introduces Ultrastar 7K6000, delivering plenty of capacity and a standard, 3.5-inch hard drive, for capacity-optimized enterprise applications. Ultrastar 7K6000 provides more capacity and better power efficiency. The Ultrastar 7K6000 also delivers great storage efficiency through the unrivaled performance, achieving higher write performance, even at higher workloads, thanks to HGST media cache architecture, a disk-based caching technology, which provides a large non-volatile cache on the disk. Media cache also allows for improved reliability and data integrity during unexpected power loss.

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