4 channel sound card C-Media CMI 8738
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* C-Media CMI8738 chip
* System Interface
* 32bits PCI
Bus Master
* PCI12.1,PCI12.2 compliant
* Provides audio fidelity that
rivals movie theaters with 4-ch digital sound
* Customizes Intermet audio
with the power and surround sound lf EAX audio technology
* Enjoy compelling
3D audio and 4-channel sound on multiple speakers series
* Rich software
* HRTF=base 3D positional audio, supporting Direct Sound 3D,EAX and
A3D interfaces
* Supports multi-speaker output to 2/2.1/4/4.1 speakers
Supports EAX, karaode key, Echo,etc.sound effects
* High-performance
dual-game port on the sound card
* MPU401 compatible MIDI interface and
* Complies with Microsoft PC99 specification
* Wave table synthesizer:
DLS-base Wavetable music synthesizer
* Software compatibility:
* Fully
sound blaster
* Sound blaster pro and direct sound compatible
* Extermal
connector:front-out,rear-out,center and LFE,line-in,MIC-in and game/MIDI
* Internal connector:CD audio,AUX connectors
* 3D effect:
Microsoft direct sound 3D
* Aureal A3D
* HRTF 3D extension positional
audio EAX

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