Gamdias EREBOS Laser Gaming Mouse
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Retail £29.95
  • 8200DPI
  • 3 Sets interchangeable (3 SET)
  • 256K (Built-in Memory)
  • 8 smart Keys
  • Weight Tuning System (x4)
  • HERA Software
Interchangeable Side Panels
For EREBOS Laser Gaming Mouse, you now have the freedom to adjust your gaming style by customizing the 3 sets of interchangeable magnetic side panels.
8 Smart Keys
EREBOS Laser comes with eight strategically placed buttons which provides an advantage by customizing your button configuration and playing your way through HERA software.
True 8,200 DPI
Need to quickly scan your surrounding area? Get your mouse to an ability to heal an ally? With a massive range of DPI you can go as slow or fast as you need.
Onboard Memory
Settings set on your mouse will be saved when moving from one gaming setup to another.
Weight Tuning System
Need your mouse to be a heavier or lighter? By adding or removing weights, you can customize your mouse to feel just the way you want it..
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